Afternoon Ride on Sun Feb 24 2019 for 10.11 miles.

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This afternoon I took a short ride in the northern reaches of Phoenix, near New River. I’ve been thinking about riding along the New River Road for a few weeks and figured it would be a nice, quiet Sunday ride. We had some rain recently, so I looked forward to a green, dust-free excursion.

Before riding, I spent the early part of my afternoon installing a new Stowaway Bag on my TerraTrike Rambler All-Terrain (a.k.a. “RAT”). The kit has many clamps and screws, but I managed to get everything in its place just before embarking on my ride.

Here you can see my new Stowaway Bag installed under the seat.

Halfway through my ride I discoverd the Emery Henderson Trailhead which is part of the Black Canyon Trail. Here you’ll find vaulted toilets and some covered picnic tables.

Public Restrooms at Emery Henderson Trailhead
Public Restrooms at Emery Henderson Trailhead
Picnic Tables at Emery Henderson Trailhead
Picnic Tables at Emery Henderson Trailhead (background)

Overall, the road surface was in pretty good shape. The only thing I didn’t like about this ride was the traffic. I was expecting it to be quiet on a Sunday, but I was wrong and abruptly reminded whenever a diesel pickup would pass by. I really don’t like diesel powered vehicles (but I digress).

Have you gone riding lately? Have you ridden in the same areas I covered in this ride? Share your story in the comments below!

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