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Overnight Escape in Happy Jack

On April 20th, 2019 Sasha and I spent one night in the Coconino National Forest near Happy Jack, Arizona.

I Love My Solo Stove!

I love my Solo Stove!

Here’s my trusty Solo Stove I use when I go car camping. I love this stove because of its simplicity and design. You simply toss in some pine needles and small twigs to get things started, then add larger pieces to bring up the… Continue Reading “I Love My Solo Stove!”

Building a Pot Cozy

I picked up a Stanley camp pot the other day, so now I need to build a cozy for it. Fortunately, shug has a great video on this (below).

Weekend in Happy Jack with Sasha

Sasha and I in Happy Jack, AZ for an overnighter with friends. September 2017.

Why You Should Switch to Hammock Camping

ticketothemoon: “Why You Should Switch to Hammock Camping?” Infography 📷 Source: ticketothemoon