I Love My Solo Stove!

I love my Solo Stove!

Here’s my trusty Solo Stove I use when I go car camping. I love this stove because of its simplicity and design. You simply toss in some pine needles and small twigs to get things started, then add larger pieces to bring up the heat. An added benefit of using this type of stove is that you leave very little evidence of having burned a fire compared to creating random fire pits in the forest.

In this photo, I boiled water for a ready-to-eat meal in northern Arizona. In Arizona, we frequently have fire restrictions during the summer, and for good reason. Even small stoves like this are not allowed during those times. But when there are no restrictions, I always use my Solo Stove!

Oh, and I also have one of the smaller “lite” version of this stove I plan to use when I go bike packing.

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