Lunch Ride on Sat Feb 16 2019 for 29.83 miles.

This afternoon I rode with nine other cyclists from Scottsdale to Tempe for lunch, then back. The Greenbelt was very busy with lots of bikes, scooters, and runners. At one point I had to make an abrupt stop with my trike that was so sudden, I nearly flipped over forwards! In other words, my rear wheel lifted about four feet into the air. After that, my disc brakes started making noise. I think I may have bent one of the rotors…crap!

After lunch we took our usual ride through Temple Town Lake. The weather was near-perfect with cool, crisp air and a little bit of a head-wind. Fortunately I was wearing layers so I didn’t feel the cold.

On this day I rode about 33 miles but my Strava reports 29.8 miles. Silly me, I forgot to unpause Strava after one of our breaks (I hate that). What I really hate is leaving the GPS on while I drove home after a ride! Anyways, by the end of the ride I was feeling pretty fatigued. My left knee was sore (again) and so I couldn’t wait to get home and rest up.

Have you gone riding lately? Have you ridden in the same areas I covered in this ride? Share your story in the comments below!

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