Building a Pot Cozy


I picked up a Stanley camp pot the other day, so now I need to build a cozy for it. Fortunately, shug has a great video on this (below).

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Video: This Is How You Foster Adventure in Children

This is a cute story. I hope Eleanor recovers from leukemia soon!

Video: This Is How You Foster Adventure in Children

My New TerraTrike Rambler All-Terrain

I finally have the vehicle to take me out on adventure tours (trike-packing). My plan is to install bags, panniers, and fenders before I go on any tours. Meanwhile, I will be taking short rides and making adjustments for overall comfort and efficiency.

If you want to know more about this trike, check out this video from Gear Junkie.

11 Ways to Lighten your Bikepacking Load


I found this article helpful especially since I’m new to the sport of adventure touring. I agree with most of this article but disagree on a few points:

  • Forget The Tent? I suppose using a hammock would be a good option if I’m traveling where there are plenty of trees. A bivy sack would be acceptable as long as it had some kind of bug netting. In Arizona, we have centipedes, spiders, and scorpions – not something I want to have to wake me up in the middle of the night. I may not carry a tent, but I’ll definately not sleep out in the open.
  • Leaving the camp shoes at home? I have a lightweight pair of Crock-like slippers that I love to wear around camp after a long day of riding or hiking. I’ll do my best to make room for them, sorry.
  • Less Water? Hmm, in Arizona this is a tough one. Unless I know exactly where my water fill-up points are located along my route, I’m going to carry as much as possible.
  • Go Tubeless? On my TerraTrike All-Terrain, this isn’t an easy option. I’ll have to stick with slimed tubes for now.

Do you bike-pack or adventure tour? What tips do you have for lightening your load? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Group Trike Ride – January 2019


On Saturday I participated in an epic ride through parts of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. This group ride took us to Spoke and Wheel on Central Avenue and the canal for lunch. I had the fish street tacos and enjoyed every bite!

After a ride of this distance, I thought I would be sore. Riding a recumbent trike helps to alleviate excess fatigue and soreness. I was fatigued overall, but after a nap, I felt restored.