Epic Fatbike Touring from Quebec to Ontario

I’ve been following this guy’s adventures on YouTube. He rides his fat bike throughout North America every chance he gets. This video is epic and really inspires me. He makes it look so easy but I’m sure there are plenty of rough spots along the way.

Weekend in Happy Jack with Sasha

Sasha and I in Happy Jack, AZ for an overnighter with friends. September 2017.

Why You Should Switch to Hammock Camping


“Why You Should Switch to Hammock Camping?”

Infography 📷 www.littleriverco.com

My Schwinn Hybrid

This is my Schwinn hybrid I purchased off Craigslist a couple of years ago. I’ve put a lot of miles on it and really should consider selling it for a 29er or another hybrid. Meanwhile, I can count on it for longer rides with comfort

My Specialized Allez

Here’s my newest ride which I purchased from a former co-worker in the summer of 2013. It’s a Specialized Allez and it rides well especially after I had it fitted.